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Capabilities: Brand Strategy, Naming, Packaging, Brand Identity including Pattern, Web Homepage & Marketing Concepts

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Ashlyn Lee is a FemCare brand created to provide tween girls the products & tools they need to confidently enter womanhood.

Today’s FemCare products and companies focus primarily on adult women, and what products there are for tweens & teens are sporadic and hard to find, causing what is one of the biggest milestones in a girl's life (and her mother’s) to feel undervalued, underserved and unappreciated. 


Ashlyn Lee is committed to helping tween girls by providing not only products designed for her first period and good for the environment, but products and help for all the changes that happen for tween girls- body, mind & spirit.

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The Result:

"BrandSpark was creative and thoughtful and a pleasure to collaborate with" 

"Michelle's focus and dedication led to a perfect understanding of the challenges our brand was facing enabling her to pinpoint key areas of concentration."

Jackie Ramsey & Jennifer Enslin

Co-Founders, Ashlyn Lee/GirlFactor

Brand Name & Concept Exploratory Examples

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JGirl package theme.png

New GirlFactor Brand Identity & Packaging

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GirlFactor Logo Dk. Purple.png
GF initials circle bright & dark purple.
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